A student of the nine elements of Hip Hop Culture; Brandie Owusu-Spencer has spent 20 years actively exploring, researching, analyzing, and assessing Hip Hop in America and the world. 

With experience as an educator and community organizer, he offers perspectives on Hip Hop that are inclusive of contemporary social issues such as: race, class, gender, and economic development.

"I began my journey with Hip Hop as a B-Boy in 1997, expressing my passion for the culture through dance is a knee-jerk reaction -- no pun intended / Unless referring to the legend"Big Pun" to talk about Emceeing (my second love in Hip Hop which I started doing in '98) -- then it's recommended. 

Got it?


In 2003, I got blended -- meaning I started to mix [DJing] / That same year I started writing graffiti on my trucker hats, Tim boots, and kicks. "

-Brandie O-S.      

Infusing Hip Hop lyricism/poetry in workshops, classes, and lectures is a signature presentation style of Brandie Owusu-Spencer. (A skill honed during his time as an independent emcee under the moniker; "Joeson Apex")   

Brandie has been actively engaged in education, community, and entrepreneurial advocacy for low-income populations since 2006. In 2008, he founded Empowering Young Voices, Inc; a social enterprise providing culturally-relevant life-skills, economic development training, and education support to low-performing schools and underfunded community-based organizations. In 2009, he launched The Local Express Tour, an urban marketing company designed to provide customized promotion to local businesses and artists throughout California. In 2013, he co-launched The ANTSS Project in San Joaquin County to provide immediate employment assistance to formerly incarcerated individuals to reduce recidivism and encourage healthier transitions back into society. Later that year, he began serving as a casting and marketing consultant to several community theatre organizations in Northern California.  

Brandie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and a minor in Ethnic Studies from University of the Pacific; California's first and oldest public chartered university. At Pacific, he was recognized as an Outstanding Ethnic Studies student, served as President of the university's Chapter of Mortar Board Senior College Honor Society, and was inducted into Alpha Kappa Delta; The International Sociological Honor Society. Brandie was also the recipient of The Jesse Marks Co-Curricular Award for his social entrepreneurship efforts off campus. Finally, during his last semester, he composed two different speeches that were both selected to be read to the 2011 graduating class. (One for The College of the Pacific and the other for the entire university graduating class) The oration of these speeches made him the first African American in the university's history to deliver this address.

Brandie has worked with several noteworthy artists in the entertainment industry including, but not limited to: Ljay of Livewire Records, Radio 3000, Yo RichFriend, Jase of Soul 4 Real, Suga-T (Sister of E-40), Cymarshall Law, Nocando, Free Moral Agents (R.I.P Isaac "Ikey" Owens), J. Valentine, Mario Barrett, Teairra Mari, and The Real Coach Kenny Carter.  

Some of Brandie's most memorable Hip Hop moments include attending Mighty 4 in 2001, experiencing Grammy-Award winning recording artist; Common at The Bob Hope Theater in 2006, interviewing Hip Hop legend; Chuck D at University of the Pacific in 2008, opening for Hip Hop legend; KRS-One at Chitivas in 2011, DJing for Grammy-nominated producer; Ryan Leslie at Stockton's historic Empire Theater in 2012, and learning about graffiti pioneer and public speaker; Cornbread in 2019.